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Wedding Photography

Your wedding day is yours, and yours only. As your wedding photographer, I am here to help you remember everything you experienced, and felt, and show you the beautiful things you couldn’t even see for yourself.
I photograph weddings with the same curiosity and documentary-style approach. Your wedding day is yours to live, love, and celebrate. I will be there when you need me, and I will have taken the photo even if you didn’t notice it.
Every wedding is unique, and there are so many choices to be made and options to be considered.
Your wedding photos will be one of the very few tangible memories of that unforgettable day and I have learned that
I’m putting in the same hard work, dedication and love to every wedding day I capture.

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Prices & Packages

8 HOUR Wedding packages start at $ 3 500

Elopement packages start at $ 1 200

Let’s chat about your wedding, custom packages are available.

The Process

This is how easy is to work together

Hit the “GET IN TOUCH” button to fill out the form or schedule a consult call. 

If you are in New Orleans, we can meet up for coffee, if you like to meet in person.

Once we have agreed on the details of package, we exchange the agreement and settle the retainer fee to lock in your date.

Between the time of booking until your wedding, you will see a few emails come in, depending on your package. Of course, you can always reach out if you have questions or you need to make a change to your reservation. Typically about a month before your wedding, we finetune the timeline and some other details.
…today is the day! Love, connection, celebration. All you have to do is be you, authentically and unapologetically. I will make sure all those moments are documented.
A few days after your wedding, I will send you some sneak peeks and within 8 weeks after the wedding,, you can expect your full online photo gallery. You now have full access to your store with the most beautiful products to bring these moments into your home.

Frequently Asked

Long before your wedding day, we talk about what matters to you the most on that day. This allows me to make sure I create the photographs that tell your story. A wedding is a celebration for the two of you, but it also connects you as a couple, to your loved ones who are there. We plan ahead and talk about posed family portraits, creative portraits, and how everything fits in your day without taking away from living the actual moments.
Great! I love seeing my clients making choices on their wedding day that are perhaps less traditional, but feel right for them. Celebrate who you are and how you are. From years of experience, I can help with some suggestions, to make your day feel and look great. But ultimately, I will always support you in your choices.
Absolutely! As your wedding photographer, I will be spending a lot of time with you on your wedding day. It’s extremely important to me that you feel comfortable, and happy with your choice. If you live in New Orleans, we can meet for coffee, so we can meet each other. Of course, a phone or video call is a great alternative as well.