Today is a very special day. I am proud to say I got accepted to be a Magic Hour photographer.

You can read all about this magical network on, where you can also all the information on how to apply for a portrait session for anyone who is currently fighting cancer or is a cancer survivor.

The very least you need to know is that Magic Hour is a national network of professional photographers who look to serve individuals and families fighting cancer. They do this by coordinating a photo session to celebrate the truly important things in life through photography. These charitable portrait sessions provide an opportunity for families to feel special and strong while they relax, smile and enjoy time with loved ones. Above all, the goal is to express compassion and love supporting them, no matter the outcome of their battle.

Photography is a gift that allows you to capture beautiful moments in time. Looking at a photograph allows you to relive happy memories in both times of grieving or celebration. This is why it is so important to give those in the battle with cancer and their families these lasting memories.