Cloud photography? It’s a thing!

Clouds are timeless, mysterious, ever changing. They remind me of laying on my back, in the grass, in the back yard. Squinting my eyes and looking at the clouds. Seeing a bear, a face, a hand. Just for a few seconds, before they would fade again, transforming into new shapes. Sometimes clouds are just so impressive I want to stop them from changing and fading. There’s only one way, and that is to photograph them.

One late afternoon, last April, I went outside to take a break from my computer screen. As I was sipping on a coffee, I looked up and these amazing clouds were unfolding. I ran back inside to grab my camera. And then, that extra little bit of magic happened. A helicopter flew right into my shot.

Nick and Charlotte now have clouds in their home.

Fast forward to last week, the clouds that unfolded for only a few seconds last year, are now on the wall of Nick and Charlotte’s house in Chicago. We created an aluminum print 20 x 30 inch that perfectly fits their space and hopefully reminds them of those dreamy moments of laying on your back in the grass in the back yard. Looking at the clouds. Dreaming of things we see and things we might see some day. Thank you guys for letting these clouds be a part of your home!

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Julie Verlinden fine art

Julie Verlinden fine art