A while ago I decided it was time for me to capture another moment in the life of my clients. Birth. As a documentary style photographer, I believe in the value of capturing every day moments. But when a new baby is ready to come into this world, nothing is ‘every day’.  I was lucky enough to get the support from Cyd Lapour from Bayou Rose Photography to get me started. She’s been a great coach to me leading up to this amazing adventure. My other hero is this story is Summer. We both went through all this for the first time, and she is everything this baby could wish for in a mother. Throughout the whole process, she showed such strength, patience, endless love and awareness. Her boyfriend Chris is the dad this little boy needs. When things got a little stressful, he was strong, loving, caring and ready to be there for Summer and his little baby boy. I’m so grateful to all of them, and the whole family to welcome me into their lives on a crucial day like this. Silas is loved by so many and he will forever be my first baby in a way.